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Basic Info
Class Forestcraft
Expansion Default
Gender Female
Series of Origin Shadowverse

Arisa is the main protagonist of Shadowverse. She is striving to prove herself as a guardian of the forest and she is inseparable from her friend Losaria until one day a menacing creature appears in their path.

Arisa is a leader representing the Forestcraft class.


Arisa is a very cheerful elf, being optimistic towards all people she meets. She always believes that there is good in others, even when they're an antagonist or villain. having little knowledge of the world, Arisa is Naive, often being surprised at minor things, like the water canals in Izunia. She is a determined individual who's good heart often gets her in trouble, however, has the strength to move one. On ocassion she is disheartened, such as when Nexus took Losaria away. Yet, her strong resolve makes her keep going.

Perhaps being the most sociable and kind of the group, Arisa is quick to make friends no matter where she goes, as seen with Setus and Maisha. She considers all the chosen ones as friends and, although each of them have a different reason for fighting and a different approach, Arisa believes in their bond and forgives them for any fault they may done to her.

Arisa is able to acknowledge her shortcomings, if they are visible to her, other times, her naive mind is unable to discern them. This is seen in her dream, as unbeknownst to even her, she had a great deal of envy towards Losaria. While still considering her a friend, she had jealousy toward Losaria, as to her, Losaria was perfect and she was not.

Kind-hearted and warm, she often worries about Luna, who is just a child and got involved in a major battle, and towards any doubt or grief her companions may have.


One peaceful day, in the deep forest, Arisa is training with her best friend, Losaria. Losaria notes how Arisa has grown and maybe ready to become a forest Guardian; Arisa herself feels unsure, but vows to become the best guardian alongside her companion.

While talking, black beasts, Shades, take Losaria away, and Arisa tries to intercept them. More and more appear in her forest, and even after defeated, she notes they are not normal forest creatures. Upon exiting her home forest, Arisa is shocked to see The Morning Star in the distance, and is attacked time and time again by the shades. She notes they have the same emblem as the morning star.

Finding the other chosen ones, Arisa battles and helps them, against the legions of shades. After batling a great number of them, Arisa finds herself in her forest again, with her best friend, Losaria.

Dream World[]

In the dream world, Arisa is happy to see her friend in good shape and back, Losaria notes that she must have been dreaming, as she never left the forest and urges her friend to get ready, as the trial to become a Guardian is about to start.

Both are attacked in the forest, and Arisa notes Losaria isn't her usual self, as she could easily have beat the creatures. Losaria smiles and says that she is always the one saving her and that Arisa is too talented. Happy to hear her friend tell her this, Arisa notes that Losaria was much more skilled than her and after some more trials, understands this is not her foreest and that the illusion in front of her, is not Losaria. The Elf acknowledges that she had envy towards her friend, and was motivated to best her, yet never held any animosity towards her dear friend.

The perpetrator of the dream, Eris Anthule, appears and asks why did she reject salvation, as to her, in the dream, Arisa could hae been happy being the better one. Arisa notes that while her reason may be true, there is no point in overcming an illusion and says that if she were to become better that Losaria, it has to be the real one. Shaken, Eris lets her exit the dream world.

The Morning Star Conclusion[]

Arisa is back in the real world, and notes she has to beat Nexus, a gatekeeper, who used Losaria as a Vessel and put her world to sleep. This truth is revealed by an unknown individual, Yuwan Gilfrei, who says he can help them, Arisa tries to convince the chosen ones to go together to the Star but, each takes their own way, however she believes in them and thinks they will reunite once againg.

After a Series of hard battles, the chosen ones, reunite in the center of the morning star, and batle with Nexus. Calling out to Losaria to come back and swearing to defeat Nexus for their world, the chosen ones defeat her, only to have Nexus escape through a dimensional portal. Arisa falls to despair as Losaria is taken, but Yuwan gives all the chosen ones a dimensional portal, to chase the gatekeeper, swearing to save her friend, Arisa crosses dimensions, only to find herself in a busy city full of water. Izunia.

Guild Wars[]

When Arisa arrived on Izunia, she encountered her first battle against a magical lifeform, and also her first person who happens to be a guide at first conversation of the land known as Izunia. She also heard that the land was governed by six "guilds" and this lady was also a member of a guild known as The Order of Bladerights. As she got to know of land, Izunia, she encounter Isabelle, Luna, Erika, Eris


Arisa's spirit appears before Mimori Amamiya in Episode 31, entrusting her with the Legendary Card.

Arisa appears in Episode 39. When Mimori is transported from her dream world to the world of her Legendary Card, she encounters Arisa in a deep forest where the two become friends and together they manage to defeat a shadow monster. However, the monster ends up possessing Arisa, forcing Mimori to face her in a Shadowverse battle. During this, Arisa is affected by her own feelings of inferiority, in which Mimori sees a reflection of herself. After winning, Mimori understands that her world as an idol was just a dream and that she must live for who she really is, also freeing Arisa in the process.


In the anime, Arisa uses a Forestcraft deck.

Arisa's Deck
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  • Arisa's personality may be molded after the sin, Envy, as she herself admits this to Losaria in her dream. Her green eyes maybe a nod to this.
  • Arisa is somewhat of a mascot character of the franchise, having more sleeves than the other leaders and being in a majority of the promotional work.