Cards are the main unit of play in Shadowverse. Cards can either be amulets, followers, or spells and are tied to any one of the classes or are neutral. Cards have unique names and art. Depending on the type of card, it can show cost to play, attack, or defense.

Basic cards include the cards that each class starts with, and the cards available in the story. They cannot be liquefied or created with vials.

Starred cards are protected from begin mistakenly liquefied. Players can press the star icon on the card details screen to star cards. Unstar by pressing again.

Creating Edit

Vials are added to the player's inventory when cards are liquefied and used when they are created. The number of vials required depends on the rarity of the desired card.

It is not possible to create a fourth copy of a card or create basic cards.

Alternate art Edit

Some cards feature alternate art and come with a leader when drawn from card packs. Only three copies of all kinds can be built into a single deck.

  • Alternate art cards are treated as the same cards from the original set. Players can check the original card set in the card details screen.
  • Alternate art cards that come with leaders cannot be crafted from vials.
  • Seer's globes can be used on alternate art cards to animate them.

Animated cards Edit

Animated cards feature moving illustrations. These cards are available in card packs and elsewhere. Seer's Globes are needed to create animated cards otherwise.

Animated cards will not be liquefied when using the liquefy extras feature.

Sleeves Edit

Card sleeves change the design shown on the back of cards on the Decks screen and in battle.

To change the sleeve for a specific deck, select the deck on the Decks screen and tap Change under the Sleeve header.

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