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Chronogenesis is Shadowverse's 7th card set released in December 2017. It's packed with 138 new cards, plus three leader cards from the 1st Birthday Card Popularity Poll.

Join us and witness the genesis of a new era in Shadowverse.

Chronogenesis Trailer Eng voice

Chronogenesis Trailer Eng voice

 Features Edit

  • Chronogenesis is the first set to feature cards from the eighth class, Portalcraft. I
  • This set was released with the Rotation play format. In Rotation, cards from the five most recently released sets are playable. This new format joins the original Unlimited play format in which all cards are playable. Two ways to battle, double the fun!
  • This set contains 42 Portalcraft cards, which is about 30% of the entire set.
  • Exella, Dark General, Albert, Levin Saber, and Cerberus as Leader cards.

Set Contents Edit

  • 49 Bronze Cards
  • 37 Silver Cards
  • 33 Gold Cards
  • 19 Legendary Cards
  • 3 Leader Cards

== Events During this Expansion ==

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