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Erika Sumeragi
Basic Info
Class Swordcraft
Expansion Default
Gender Female
Series of Origin Shadowverse

Erika is the princess's protector. Few are more skilled in the ways of swordsmanship, nor more reliable. When it comes down to it, she will let none stand between her and the life of the princess.

Erika is a leader for the Swordcraft class.


Erika is a very straight-forward person, doing whatever she is ordered to by the princess. Years of serving royalty softened her and made her apparently a soft spoken, shy maid.

In reality, she is a very strong-willed, determined individual who harbors a dark past. Although, she is still haunted by it, her loyalty to the princess is unwavering and is perhaps her very reason of existence. Losing her throws her into despair, as she could not confess her sins nor tell her her true nature, but vows to bring her back so the princess can accept her as she is.

She tends to only do what she believes is correct, and takes little to no advice from others into account. Her past made her become an aloof, cold person as she had to kill countless times.

Erika originally held little to no regard for her companions, but upon fighting alongside them and understanding they too have their own suffering (plus they all vowed to defeat the keepers) gradually opens up, especially to Arisa, with whom she forms a strong bond.

She is shown to have a soft spot for people who have been manipulated and, by extension, killed with no reason, as seen with the Countersolari Guild. Upon arriving at Isunia, she saw her own past in them. She had been used as an assassin and almost been killed in her country of origin, which was much like the task Countersolari took, so she sided with them.

Upon deciding she has found her enemy, she is willing to go to extreme lengths to terminate them, as seen with Urias. When battling him she decided to use a forbidden art to match him. Erika will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals, raising the concern of her comrades from time to time. She is not above attacking them either.

Being aloof and rarely speaking of herself, She operates independently and believes no one can understand her past or pain, in that matter, Yuwan, Arisa and the rest do offer some comfort from time to time to her.

She is prone to anger when things do not go as planned and usually is very emotional and lets her anger get the best of her.


Before serving The Princess, Erika used to be an assassin in her country of origin. Along with many other assasins, she killed those whom the nobles saw as threats and did their bidding for a long time. When the nobles decided they had outlived their use, they sent a massive force to kill them. The other assassins helped Erika flee as she was young and could have another chance at life. This left scars on her, as they were killed for no reason and after surving the incident she vowed to find a just cause to serve.

One day, the princess orders Erika to investigate Darkstone castle as, apparently, Urias Formonde, had revived. Right then a black beast, a Shade attacks them. Erika thinkgs the shade is a minion of Urias and starts Making haste towards the Darkstone castle, She finds an open coffin and confronts the vampire. After being defeated by him, Erika goes back to her castle thinking something happened to the princess.

On her way she meets Arisa and Rowen, who share information with her, namely Rowen tells her that Urias is headed towards the Princess' castle. Eris Anthule appears before her and reveals a disturbing truth, the ritual to seal Urias needed another member of the nobility, King Balthazar's Daughter was used in this ritual to seal him, and by extension, The current Princess is in danger. In disbelief, she defeats the priestess and heads back to the castle. The princess is overjoyed to see her back and deduces Urias is headed to the royal mausoleum looikng for Balthazar. Doubtfully, Erika asks if her life is needed to seal the vampire. The princess admits it is true, the maid resolves to defeat Urias in the name of the crown.

In the royal mausoleum, she is informed that Urias decimated the royal force. Meeting Eris again, she battles with her only to learn that Urias is headed for the morning star. Erika arrives at the morning star and once again, faces him. Urias is amused by her being stronger, she states she wishes no to entertain him but to defeat him. Before the fight can continue they are swallowed by the morning star.

Dream World[]

Erika awakens to find the princess in front of her. Yet she notes her posture and movements are not correct and dismisses her as a fake. Erika cuts down the illusion and Eris appears before her asking why would she reject serenity, Erika orders her to give any information about the princess she has. Eris tells her she is crying "Scarlet tears" and this world is her longing. The maid thinks she is forgetting something but hurries to find the princess anyway and to do so, she concludes Eris must know where she is.

She finds Eris again and is attacked by an illusion of a sorcerer. Erika promptly defeats him and to her dismay more copies of the princess appear. Angered by her cutting down the princess, she vows to hunt the culprit.

Running around in the castle, she finds no end and thinks it's another illusion. Right there, a soldier appears in front of her demanding to know where the princess of this country is. The Princess appears behind Erika and cuts down her enemy. The princess tells her she is her pure blade and to forget the past, Erika in pain, cuts down the illusion. More and more illusions appear to torment her, and makes her accept the dream, if only for a minute.

Upong learning from the illusion that the world would be destroyed, she defeats Eris for the last time and vows to thell the princess of her misdeeds and atone for her past.

The Morning Star Conclusion[]

Waking up on the real world, the group cleaces through Nexus' legion of shades and hurries towards the star, upon arrival they are completely overwhelmed by the keeper. Until a mysterious man, Yuwan Gilfrei appears and gives them hope. Explaining what keepers are and that they destroy worlds, the group joins forces to vanquish Nexus, but she manages to escape. Yuwan gives the chosen ones a dimension portal to chase Nexus and restore the world. After using it, The group appears in a lively city filled with water named Izunia.


In the anime, Erika uses a Swordcraft deck.

Erika's Deck
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  • Erika's personality maybe a reference to the sin "Wrath" as she gets angry easily and even attacks her comrades with no hesitation.