Eris Anthule
Basic Info
Class Havencraft
Expansion Default
Gender Female
Series of Origin Shadowverse

Eris is a high priestess who works tirelessly to ease the suffering of humanity. She herself is plagued with doubts after waking up without any memory of her past.

Eris is a leader for the Havencraft class.

Personality Edit

Eris wants little more than the health and safety of others, always putting her health above that of others. She is very caring, and is somewhat understanding of how others act and why they do so.

Story Edit

Having suffered from memory loss, Eris has no memory of her past whatsoever. During the first chapters of the Story Mode, a duplicate version of herself with all of her memories was separated from her, hence why she forgot. The two become one again at the end of the chapter, and it turns out Eris was the one who summoned Nexus to their world. Throughout The Morning Star: Conclusion, she visits the dreams of others to realise that Nexus is doing more harm than good, and joins the other protagonists in fighting Nexus.


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