Followers do most of the action in battle, directly attacking enemy leaders and followers. Some have other useful abilities in addition to attacking.

  • Cost: shows how many play points are required to play the card. This number is shown on the upper left.
  • Attack: shows how much damage this follower deals when it fights an enemy. This number is shown on the bottom left.
  • Defense: shows how much damage this follower can take. Any follower is destroyed when its defense reaches zero. This number is shown on the bottom right.
  • Ability: shows what type of special ability this follower has. Tap the effect text for more detailed explanations.

Evolving Edit

Starting in the middle of the game, players can evolve a limited number of followers.

Tapping on a card opens a window showing the card's details. This window contains detailed information about the unevolved and evolved forms of followers.

Tapping the Evolve button from this window evolves followers. Evolved followers might gain attack, defense, and other useful effects.

  • When a follower is evolved, it gains the ability to attack enemy followers on the same turn it was played.
  • If a player went first, they can evolve two followers in the course of a match. If a player went second, they can evolve three followers in the course of a match.

Play Edit

  • Followers can't attack on the turn they are played unless they have the ability Storm.
  • When one follower attacks another, both followers take damage. If the enemy follower's attack is higher than the player's follower's defense, the friendly follower is destroyed and becomes a shadow.
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