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"Shadowverse is so much fun!!"

— Hiro in Episode 1

Hiro Ryūgasaki
Hiro Ryugasaki (Anime).png
Kana 竜ヶ崎ヒイロ
Romaji Ryugasaki Hiro
Shadowverse Player Info
Class Dragoncraft
Physical description
Gender Male
Age 14
Hair color Red/Brown
Eye color Green
Japanese Voice Gakuto Kajiwara

Hiro Ryūgasaki (竜ヶ崎ヒイロ Ryuugasaki Hiro) is the main character of the Shadowverse Anime.


Hiro is a 2nd-year student at Tensei Academy who loves the Shadowverse game and thinks of nothing more than battling for passion. His greatest weapon is his strong heart and "never-give-up" spirit.

Ever since his parents died in an accident, Hiro had been living with his grandfather, Shigefumi Ryūgasaki. It turns out that both his parents are alive and are working alongside the Tree of Woe.


He has unkempt red and black hair and is usually seen wearing his school uniform with a white hoodie on the inside.


His personality is a happy and competitive player.


Hiro uses a Dragoncraft Deck that was pre-installed in the smartphone he found.

Followers Spells Amulets


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Takuma Kibakura Episode 1 Win
Lucia Yonazuki Episode 2 Win
Unnamed student Episode 3 Win
Kai Ijūin Episode 3 Win
Kazuki Shindō Episode 5 Interrupted
Unnamed players Episode 5 Win
Kazuki Shindō Episode 5 Win
Unnamed players Episode 7 Win
Leon Aurenche Episode 7 Win
Alice Kurobane Episode 8 Win
Seiya Kibakura Episode 9 Win
Maura Aberald Episode 10 Win
Lucia Yonazuki Episodes 11-12 Win
Marcel Tabeoka Episode 14 Win
Miyabi Zaizenji Episode 15 Win
Unknown Episode 17 Win
Shadow Knight Episode 19 Win
Maura Aberald Episode 20 Win
Lucia Yonazuki Episodes 21-22 Win
Leon Aurenche Episodes 23-24 Win
Takuma Kibakura Episode 25 Win
Shiro Kiriyama Episodes 26-27 Win
Zou and Ko Episode 31 Win (with Kazuki Shindō)
Maura Aberald Episodes 33 - 34 Win (With Lucia Yonazuki)
Eiji Ryūgasaki Episodes 35 - 36 Win
Rowen Episode 38 Win
Eiji Ryūgasaki Episodes 45 - 46 Win
Leon Aurenche Episodes 46 - 48 Win
Lucia Yonazuki Epsidoe 48 Not Shown


  • He is the first shadowverse player, who mastered it very early.
  • His Birthday is on 19th December.
  • He is the only character who didn't lose any match till now.
  • His strongest dragon card is Ignis Dragon.



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