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Basic Info
Class Shadowcraft
Expansion Default
Gender Female
Series of Origin Shadowverse

Luna (aka The Waif) is a child who lives nestled away in a dark distant mansion. Villagers fear to approach but Luna is ready to venture out into the world.

Luna is a leader for the Shadowcraft class.


Being young in age, Luna is very childish, always asking those she meets to be her friend and to play games with her. At first, she doesn't seem to understand what death is or that her parents are deceased, and communicates with them freely. But after finally figuring it out, she can no longer talk to them, and becomes terrified of death, or finding out that her friends could die.

As a child, Luna is often self-centered, and like any child, has hopes and dreams of playing going on an adventure, easily annoyed if things don't go her way and having friends. Albeit her concept of "friendship" is initially, adding them to her undead legion, this is the reason why many people called her a cursed child.

When confronted with the truth, she initially breaks down as in her view, her parents were alive and she was with them. And to her, "Death" meant not the end of a person, but a type of bond that would finally get her friends, perhaps the time she was isolated in the house made the need for company stronger and Luna thought Necromancy was a mere game. As described by Nicola Adel her powers are bound to her emotions and, as she cannot control them, they often go berserk.

She is disheartened during her dream as not only does she learn her parents are not with her, but also that her magic is making them suffer, after this time, Luna begins considering herself a "bad girl" often crying and putting the blame on herself.

While still still going on by herself she finds the support of the rest of the group which makes her cope with the struggles they have to find. Deciding to confront reality, she understands her power make people suffer, this belief goes on until she travels to Izunia, where she meets her frist friend, Nicola Adel and learns to fight for a precious person.

However, afterr meeting Aenea, Luna understands she is not alone anymore and the courage the rebel gave her turns into hope and Luna finds the power she needed to accept and fight for her friends and herself.

Traces of her noble, pampered upbringing are found in the way she talks, as Nicola describes her as a "Self-centered princess."


Dream World[]

The Morning Star Conclusion[]

Guild Wars[]

The Guild War: Conclusion[]

As the war escalate, the citizen of Izunia are put in the crossfire.

On the Hill Rowen founds both Nicola and Luna. Nicola sense something is wrong and tells Rowen to take Luna to Marlone. As they leave Nicola sees Maisha. Nicola and he reveal that Maishs is also from another world as well. As Nicola and Maisha fight they hears a explosion from Eschamali which anger Nicola much to Maisha delight. Nicola no longer able to fight Leod shows up and discover that she is the mastermind.

At Eschamali Eris notices how the Bladeright are similar shades. As more Bladeright shows up Rowen and Luna arrives. Rowen tells everyone to leave Eschamali something happens to Marlone. Eris what's answer and Marlone tells her Rowen and Luna that his body can no longer control his magic and is about to die. As more Bladeright shows up Marlone tells them to go stop this war and save Nicola. The three reluctantly leaves. Marlone no longer in control explode.

As Eris, Rowen, and Luna are heading to the hill. Eris not sure why Rowen, and Luna tells her about Nicola. As they are surrounded by the Bladeright Setus shows up to help. Not sure if the Setus is an ally of foe Setus tells them he is also trying  to stop the war and left. Luna worries about Nicola after Marlone death and runs ahead. Rowen and Eris then notice Erika heading to the hill as well. Before the two can continue more Bladeright appear.

Despite run up head, Luna is the last to arrives at the hill only to miss the battle that took place only to see Nicola on the ground not sure if he is still alive. Luna crying over death of everyone see knows and being attack by the Bladeright.

Nicola awaken by Luna's crying wakes up and takes out the the Bladeright. Luna and Nicola decide to go after Maisha thinking she is going after Eleanor.

As everyone reach Eleanor, Maisha shows up. Yuwan and Arisa demands to know why she did all did this. Maisha tells them she what's to summon the keeper Nerva. Setus shows up stop her only to be surrounded by Maisha's Bladeright. As everyone except Urias is wounded from all the fighting Maisha escape. Luna and Nicola shows up to help. With no end Maisha's Bladeright Nicola and Eleanor stays behind. Setus, Arisa and everyone else chase after Maisha.

As Luna and everyone catch up to Maisha they all attack her. Maisha repel them all with Leod's Sword the Truth Moon. As they fight Arisa tells Maisha she has decide to take her down. The fight continue Nicola and Eleanor shows up to help. As Nicola gives the finishing blow, Setus stops him. This startle everyone even Maisha as he tells them all that he loves Maisha. Setus then tells everyone that he has a responsibility as a Bladeright kills Maisha and declare himself as the new Marshal of the Bladeright.

After the war is over Luna has to say goodbye to Nicola. Nicola tells to stay safe and that they will always be friend, even if they are in a different world.

With everyone else finish saying their goodbye to the friends they made and are ready to go to the next world when a strange women appear form another word asking for help.

Splitting Up[]

The strange women introduce herself as Tetra and her home world Aiolon is danger of a tyrant name Belphomet and needs help. Everyone agrees to go Aiolon. Unknown to everyone not all of them will go to  Aiolon. Only Isabelle, Luna, Urias, and Yuwan along with Tetra made it to Aiolon. Arisa, Erika, Eris, and Rowen ended up at Naterra.

Gears of Rebellion[]

Gears of Rebelion: Uprising[]

Invasion of the Worldreaver[]


Luna's spirit appears before Alice Kurobane in Episode 28, entrusting her with the Legendary Card.

Luna appears in Episode 40. When Alice is transported from her dream world to the world of her Legendary Card, she encounters Luna inside of her manor and the two face off in a Shadowverse battle. Although Luna is stoic at first, the two girls find their battle fun and Luna realizes how good "living friends" are.


In the anime, Luna uses a Shadowcraft deck.

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