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Maura Aberald
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Shadowverse Player Info
Class Havencraft
Physical description
Gender Male
Anime Debut The National Tournament Finals Begin!

Maura Aberald (マウラ・アベラルド) is one of the supporting protagonists in the Shadowverse Anime.

Voiced by: Yuichi Iguchi


Maura is a teenager whom Hiiro first met at the semi-finals of the National Shadowverse Tournament, but appeared to mysteriously already know Hiiro and his father. Later it's revealed he was alone and homeless as a child, so Leon Aurenche adopted him, with the sole purpose of developing Maura's Shadowverse skills so he can eventually sacrifice his life to save the world from the Tree of Woe. He plays the Havencraft class.


Maura Aberald has green hair tied to a ponytail with some black hair on the back of his hair, he wears a necklace with four green gems and one middle red gem.

He has a dark red tattoo on his cheek, his eyes are purple when he opens them.


Maura Aberald is first shown as a very friendly person but when the battle starts he is shown as a sadistic person who doesn't show mercy and even has to use the most painful hit to destroy his opponents


Maura uses a Havencraft deck.

Followers Spells Amulets


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
(Translated Name) Episode 9 Win (Off-Screen)
Kai Ijūin Episode 10 Win
Hiro Ryūgasaki Episode 10 Lose
Unnamed Player Episode 15 Win
Hiro Ryūgasaki Episode 20 Lose
Shadow Knight Episodes 23-24 Win
Lucia Yonazuki Episode 32 No Result
Lucia Yonazuki and Hiro Ryūgasaki Episodes 33 - 34 Lose
Eris Episode 43 Win