Ranked Matches are a type of competitive play with Shadowverse. In Ranked Matches, players battle other randomly selected players. Players rank B3 and below get extra score for a streak of wins. Players ranked A0 and above do not get extra score for a streak of wins.

Coming in December 2017, there will be two methods of Ranked Play: Rotation and Unlimited.

Ranks are based on a player's score. A player's score is a number that changes when winning ot losing ranked matches.

Grand Master Edit

In order to achieve Grand Master rank, players must first qualify for critical trial matches. This can be achieved by reaching a total master score of 10,000 in one season or 25,000 over three consecutive seasons. Winning two out of three critical trial matches will net players special rewards and the Grand Master rank.

Rankings reset at the end of each period. Grand Masters return to the Master rank.

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