Rise of Bahamut

Rise of Bahamut is Shadowverse's third card set, releasing in December 2016 with 105 cards that added even more in-depth strategic options with the new Enhance ability.

Bahamut appears as a devastatingly powerful Legendary card. Unleash its power on your foes!

Rise of Bahamut Trailer

Rise of Bahamut Trailer

 Features Edit

  • This set introduced cards features Bahamut and various other characters from Cygame's other mobile CCG Rage of Bahamut.
  • A new mechanic, "Enhance", was introduced with this card set. If you have enough play points, they're automatically used to activate Enhance effects of a card when you play it from your hand.

Set Contents Edit

  • 40 Bronze Cards
  • 32 Silver Cards
  • 24 Gold Cards
  • 9 Legendary Cards

Events During this Expansion Edit

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