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The anime adaptation of the Shadowverse game by Studio ZEXCS premiered on April 7, 2020.


Hiro Ryūgasaki is an ordinary middle school student at Tensei Academy. Through a strange occurrence, Hiro obtains a mysterious smartphone with the popular digital card game "Shadowverse" app installed. Through the series, Hiro meets rivals, meets new friends, participates in tournaments, and forms bonds with others.



  • Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi
  • Series Compositor: Rintarō Isaki, Deko Akao
  • Original Character Desing: Ponzu, Soji Hisakata
  • Music Composition: Yoshihiro Ike
  • Sub-Character Design: Yasunari Nitta
  • Follower Design Chief: Daisuke Kitagawa
  • Battle Concept Design: Seishirō Nagaya
  • Prop Design: Yoshinori Iwanaga
  • Color Design: Naoko Satou, Nanae Shinaji
  • Art Director: Kuniaki Nemoto
  • Art Setting: Nobuhito Sue, Shūhei Tada
  • Special Effects: Team Taniguchi
  • Monitor Graphics: flapper3
  • 3DCG Director: Takahiro Kamiya (Aera Laboratory), Keisuke Kawatani (DEEN digital)
  • Director of Photography: Shigeki Asakawa
  • Editing: Daisuke Hiraki
  • Sound Director: Satoki Iida
  • Sound Production: Sonilude


  • Opening: Kirifuda「キリフダ」, by PENGUiN RESEARCH
  • Opening: ShinSekai「新世界」, by FLOW
  • Ending: Happiness Sensation,「ハピネス*セーション」, by Ogura Yui
  • Ending: To anyone in the heart,「心誰にも」, by Game Jikkyosha Wakuwaku Band


  1. This is Shadowverse!!
  2. Hiro's Resolve
  3. The Plot of the Genius Among Geniuses
  4. Something Special
  5. Fierce Battle! Hiro vs. Kazuki!
  6. The Reason For Strength
  7. Aim for Master Rank!
  8. The National Tournament Finals Begin!
  9. The Curtain Rises! A Beautiful Witch Show!
  10. Maura's Spellcasting!
  11. Hiro vs. Lucia!
  12. Who Will Claim Victory?
  13. The Shadow Grand Prix Begins
  14. A Mouthwatering Battle! Marcel Tabeoka!
  15. Super Rich! Miyabi Zaizenji!
  16. An Invitation to the Underworld! The Justine Sisters!
  17. Special and Ordinary
  18. A Terrible Trap! Zuo and Ko
  19. Bearers of Shadow!
  20. A Smile that's Black
  21. Battle of Destiny
  22. Conclusion, and...
  23. Unknown Encounter
  24. Blessing and Woe
  25. Seven Hopes
  26. Grab the Legend
  27. The Ultimate Dragon
  28. Overlapping Answers
  29. Proof That I Am Me
  30. Resolve and Courage
  31. Hero's Blade
  32. Footsteps of Hope
  33. Fate of Destruction
  34. Battle of Despair
  35. Prelude to the End
  36. A Heart That Believes
  37. A Voice That Calls to Awaken
  38. Hiro and the Black Dragon Knight!
  39. Mimori's an Idol
  40. Alice's Truth
  41. Kazuki's Great Escape!
  42. Kai and the Forbidden Magic
  43. Mauro's Wish. A Longing that Cannot Be!
  44. Lucia and the Undead King
  45. The Castle in the Sky
  46. The Ruler of the World
  47. Time of Evolution
  48. Battle! Shadowverse!



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