Urias Foremonde
Basic Info
Class Bloodcraft
Expansion Default
Gender Male
Series of Origin Shadowverse
Urias Formonde is a centuries-old vampire and the last of his kind. He was banished for centuries before some unknown force awakened him. Now he searches for an opponent who could rival him in the way that King Balthazar once did.

Urias is a leader for the Bloodcraft class.

Personality Edit

Urias is an extremely agressive individual with one peculiarity, he only attacks those he deems worthy or strong. Having little regard for talk or diplomacy, he often resolves to violence. Battle being his prime interest. Unlike his demeanor, he is astute, and is quick to note when any individual is hiding strength.

As expressed to Eris Anthule, Urias views humans not as fodder, but as potential rivals who can, someday rival him which is why, he doesn't consume them. He is even seeing interacting with them several times, albeit for his own interests, but Urias is capable of cilivity to a Degree. He has little to no regard for the lives of others, even sometimes ditching them in the middle of adventures to pursue his own interests. Although, he often helps his comrades when they need him. His main interest being "finding people who can entertain him."

To him the strong and the weak have their priviliges, which is why he only consumes the strong, as in his own words "attacking weakened or doubtful invidivuals is only a plebeian diversion." To him strength and thirst for battle on their own, mean nothing, only when both are combined is when a true mighty warrior is born.

Urias also dislikes assasination techniques as to him, they are a cheap way to end a battle and stated to Leod that they would not work on his body.

Not caring to talk during a battle, Urias cares only about the power of the individual before him, but he is not above taunting or insulting his foes. Also, he does not like individuals who hold back and fails to understand the need to hide power. He also despises those who use power for no purpose, which is why he started killing fellow vampires as to him, "They forfeit the privilege to live in the night" as they let themselves be intoxicated with the smell of human blood. It is hinted that he lost his civility due to him being a vampire and people treating as such. During his younger years as a vampire, people ran away from him, even when the only thing he wanted was battle with the strong. This had an influence on him to resort to fighting, rather than talking.

Being very aged, Urias often gives pieces of advice to the group, as seen with Rowen Dragspear, Eris Anthule and Isabelle. Even so, he admits his vampiric powers come with only one small flaw; He has little, if any room for progress and considers himself complete, which is why he seeks batle wih humans, as to him, they have limiless potential.

He, although very rarely, shows signs of chivalry and gentlemen manners as he calls some battles "A waltz" and "Trepidation is unbecoming in one of noble birth." Mono herself notes, that Urias only has the appearance of a gentleman but in reality, is a brute.

According to Mono, after battle he feels emptiness and he is clinging to something which he should let go and find some rest, namely the memory of his Friend, Balthazar. She compared him to Tetra which had to bear the burden of her sins.

Story Edit

Through unknown means, Urias became a vampire, yet he was superior to his own kind. As he did not to drinkg much blood nor he feared the sunlight, albeit in his own words "it took him a millenia" to do so. Originally he slaughtered mindlessly, as would any vampire, One day however in a battle against an enemy, he suffered a Sratch. Right there, after feeling pain, Urias felt he had found his purpose; Battle.

Upon coming to this realization, Urias began to hunt other vampires, as to him, they misused their power and tormented the weark, for little more than food or entertainment and thus, came to hate them as no more than beasts.

The day finally came when The King of the land, Balthazar faced him in a battle. The king admits that in his presence he can forget about being king and can become a warrior again. Urias fought him to the death, yet felt joy in being vanquished by him. According to himself, that was not a battle to consume the king nor to get blood. It was an encounter of warriors, which made him have a strange bond with Balthazar, albeit his enemy, he had much respect for the ruler, it is implied The king also felt the same way. As a sign of respect towards the ruler's thirst for victory he let himself be sealed away by him.

After awakening from his slumber and finding his rival in life, Balthazar, dead, Urias seeks only to find a foe who matches his strength and duel them. Finding Erika Summeragi, invade his casle, he duels wih her and notes her potential. Erika, injured swears she will end him, to save The princess. Urias, then goes out to the world and senses The morning star, which has put the world to sleep, except for several Indivduals. he is attacked by Shades, black monsters that come from the morning star. He does battle them and easily defeats them. Noting they have a crest shaped like the star, Urias tries to find a worthy opponent.

After going to the royal palace to check if Balthazar was alive, he finds only his lifeless bones. Saddened, he is approached by Eris Anthule who offers him a place where he can fight the ultimate battle, the Morning Star. The vampire then, makes way to The Morning Star, to find the truth, upon arrival he is swallowed by it, along with all the chosen ones.

Dream World Edit

Urias Awakens and Finds himself in front of his lifelong rival, KIng Balthazar. Overjoyed to see his nemesis once again. Although Urias senses he is an illusion, he hopes he can get a challenge. The vampire fights the ruler various times, only to note that this is not the Balthazar he once fought, but a dull copy. More and more copies of Balthazar appear before him and he easily disposes of them.

Offended that someone thought a copy could entertain him, Urias demands his dream to cease. The perpetrator, Eris Anthule, appears before him. The doubtful priestess asks his reasons for denying the dream, Urias simply responds that his fate is only his, and that her god has no right to choose his fate. Eris asks if he intentds to challenge Nexus, to which he complies. Saying that battle with a "god" might be interesting.

The Morning Star Edit

After encountering the others, who were able to make it out of the dream world, whole legions of shades attack the group, then a strange individual with unknown magic, Yuwan Gilfrei, appears saying they should not give up. Yuwan explains what a gatekeeper is, and explains that the whole world is dreaming, except for them and thus, they have to defeat her to get the world to wake. Intrigued at the thought of battling a god, Urias goes by himself and cleaves through the legions of Shades to get to Nexus.

All the chosen ones arrive and Nexus rebukes their defiance. Urias responds that little mortals can entertain her, but perhaps she, a gatekeeper might keep up with the task. The group finally defeats Nexus and fter a hard battle, Nexus flees, leaving the world dormant and in silence. Yuwan gives each chosen one, a device to cross dimensions and pursue Nexus, The group then chases after her, and they appear in a strange city, filled with peace and water named Izunia.

Trivia Edit

  • Urias says that he no longer needs to drink blood, and a taste every century or so is enough, also that he "one gets accostumed to walking in the sun after several millenia." making him different than other vampires.
  • His personality may be molded after the sin "Gluttony" as he seeks to "consume strong individuals" and stops at nothing to battle with them, several cards in the Bloodcraft series reinforce this idea.
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