Basic Info
Class Portalcraft
Expansion Default
Gender Male
Series of Origin Shadowverse

Yuwan is a leader for the Portalcraft class, who was added to Shadowverse in the December 28, 2017 update.

Yuwan is a vengeful warrior who has the power to traverse dimensions, and comes to fight alongside Arisa and the others to save the world. He also had his own storyline which was added in at the same time as himself.

He is the only default leader to receive an announcement trailer, which can be watched below.

New Portalcraft Leader Yuwan Trailer - Shadowverse

New Portalcraft Leader Yuwan Trailer - Shadowverse

Personality Edit

Yuwan is a very mysterious man, who seems to shoe little to no emotion most of the time, and whenever he does he tries to suppress it. He seeks revenge against one of the Keepers, Nerva of Purgation, for destroying his home and ultimately betraying him.

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