Yuwan Gilfrei
Basic Info
Class Portalcraft
Expansion Default
Gender Male
Series of Origin Shadowverse

Yuwan Gilfrei is a leader for the Portalcraft class, who was added to Shadowverse in the December 28, 2017 update.

Yuwan is a vengeful warrior who has the power to traverse dimensions, and comes to fight alongside Arisa and the others to save the world. He also had his own storyline which was added in at the same time as himself.

He is the only default leader to receive an announcement trailer, which can be watched below.

New Portalcraft Leader Yuwan Trailer - Shadowverse

New Portalcraft Leader Yuwan Trailer - Shadowverse

Personality Edit

Yuwan is a very mysterious man, who seems to show little to no emotion most of the time, and whenever he does he tries to suppress it. This comes as a result in him being manipulaed by Nerva, the gatekeeper of purgation. Yuwan is very intelligent, witted and resourceful, having magic known only to gatekeepers, he uses every resource in his fight against them.

Yuwan harbors a very deep hatred against Gatekeepers, namely Nexus of Serenity and Nerva of Purgation for destroying his home and ultimately betraying him, nothing angers him more than their ideals, goals, way of speaking and arrogance, and will stop at nothing against them.

He once sought power, wanting to rule his land as King to set it on the right path, very much like Urias Foremonde in his lust for battle, and he suffered things similar to Eris Anthule, which is why he compares himself to them in his time in Izunia.

Having seen various worlds destroyed, has perhaps hardened him, but he is not above showing compassion and kindness to others as seen with Erika Summeragi in her struggle with the Countersolari Guild or upon seeing how the Countersolari assassins took their own lives. This also engraved him with an unwavering determination, seen various times in his struggles against the gatekeepers, when erverything seems over, Yuwan engourages the protagonists not to give up and tells them determination is one of the best weapons against them.

An extremely analyzing individual, he assesses his enemies to see their potential and even though he is extremely powerful he is not above retreating to remake his strategy against powerful individuals, such as Urias Foremonde.

Yuwan thinks of his power as "sinful" and calls his path "sorrowful". He also knows his revenge is not correct yet he appears to be ready for the consequences and shows similarities with Eris Anthule, albeit, he overcame his doubts and is ready to use his power for a greater good.

Story Edit

Before the story began, Yuwan is hinted to be a noble, a prince of another world which was prosperous and said prosperity took it to ruin. His world was filled with sorrow, corrupt nobles, poor people shedding their blood to get little food, good people were killed, and his own father being poisoned.

Tired of his world, Yuwan appealed to the gods to give him strength, this lead Nerva of Purgation to use him as a vessel. After Nerva left him, he was the only one left and in his own words: "the world was as a blank brick of ceramic." This threw him over the edge, and vowed vengeance towards the gatekeepers.

Travelling for an undisclosed amount of times and, to countless worlds, he saw them crumble time and again, and many times, those who could save them, gave up and could not counter the gatekeepers' powers. In his pursue of the gatekeepers, he arrives to a silent world, where the morning star had started to act.

The Morning star Edit

Yuwan sees Nexus' Spawn, the Shades attacking and fears he arrived too late. He tries to teleport directly to the morning star, but fails, sensing Nexus is interfering with his magic, he then decides to travel there before it's too late. Meeting Arisa and Eris, he encourages them to keep going and even upon the worst adversity, to keep fighting.

Finally seeing the chosen seven struggle, Yuwan arrives and attacks Nexus. Declaring her arrogance will be no more, he fights with the seven to defeat the keeper. Before she escapes, Yuwan berates her on pushing her arrogance upon them and launches on last attack only to be blocked by Shades. Nexus escapes and thus, he gives portal techonology to the chosen seven and all of them vow to stop Nexus. Upon teleporting, Yuwan thinks their teleportation has gone wrong and finds himself in a country named Izunia.

The Guild war Edit

Arriving at Izunia, he notes that Nerva manipulated their trave and wants them there. Nerva briefly speaks to him, and he taunts her saying she should come out, Nerva responds that it is all like nature wants it, the keeper regards him as a cretin and leaves. Angered, he cools down and thikngs.

Yuwan thinks of 2 factors that could destroy the balance of the world, Urias Foremonde's strength and lust for battle could ruin the balance of the world. And Eris Anthule's doubt could be bait for another gate keeper.

Intercepting Urias, he fights with him and acknowledges his formidable power but warns him that, if he should walk his path of Revelry, he will meet his own doom. The vampire only hopes his end is entertaining. Yuwan then flees. He compares himself with Urias, as both wanted to follow their own desires, albeit, Yuwan wanted good for his world.

He meets Eris and asks her what if a keeper aligned with her idea of salvation. An already distraught Eris, cannot even answer. Yuwan concludes he will shackle her, prompting the priestess to defend herself. Yuwan declares that her past is bait for the keepers and tells her she should move on.

Inspecting the world, he learns that the world is lead by 5 guilds: The Bladerights, The Countersolari, The Magis Covenant, Nicola Adel and Eschamali. Upon learning of the world's fragile balance, he finds Erika and Arisa in heated battle. Erika who attack Arisa, warns her not to get close as she aligned with the Countersolari and declares the Bladeknights to be criminals, and that if Arisa knew the truth she would be heartbroken. Yuwan then confronts some Countersolari assassins for answers but to no avail, as they take their own lives instead of talking.

Seeing Erika in a distraught state, he begins chasing her, and confrots her demanding an answer. Erika responds that while they are allies, she resorts to hew own personal matters and the others don't have the same past nor anyone can understand her pain. He realizes he found her past in the Countersolari and realizes she will ally herself with them. He goes in pursuit of Leod, the leader and feels bad about Erika.

Upon findding Leod, he challenged Yuwan to a duel, and finds him worthy of the "Truth" Once, a long time ago, the Bladerights and the Countersolari were one, called "The Guild of justice" but now, they are opposites "The False sun" and "The True moon." Puzzled by the words, he continues to chase Nerva.

Nerva herself comes out again and reminds him of his past and how his own desire was the doom of his world, Yuwan remembers that once purgation was done the world was as blank as a "ceramic block" after his encounter with Nerva, he finds some Countersolari Assassins fighting against Bladeknights, he notes that the Bladeknights are mere puppets, and are under a power similar to his own, a vessel. Deducing there is a vessel somewhere in Izunia, Yuwan meets an assassin saying the the old hate will become a war. Angered, he promises that, the more hatred Nerva fuels on him the closer her end comes.

Lamenting the fact that people are used as puppets and promising he will prevent Izunia's Purgation, the war reaches it's climax.

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